I'm also collecting some pre-war team sets and selected T206 cards that I find interesting for one reason or another.

I'm looking for SGC graded 20 or above ONLY on these.

strike through means I have the card.

T3 Brooklyn Team Set


T206 Brooklyn Team Set

Alperman, Whitey
Bell, George (hands above head)
Bell, George (pitching, follow thru)
Bergen, Bill (batting)
Bergen, Bill (catching)
Burch, Al (batting)
Burch, Al (fielding)
Dahlen, Bill
Dunn, Joe
Hummel, John
Hunter, George
Jordan, Tim (batting)
Jordan, Tim (portrait)
Lennox, Ed
Lumley, Harry
Marshall, Doc
McElveen, Pryor
McIntyre, Harry
McIntyre, Harry (Brooklyn & Chicago)
Pastorious, Jim
Pattee, Harry
Rucker, Nap (portrait)
Rucker, Nap (throwing)

Smith, Happy
Wheat, Zack
Wilhelm, Kaiser (batting)
Wilhelm, Kaiser (hands at chest)

T206 Indianapolis Team Set

Burke, Jimmy
Carr, Charley
Cross, Monty
Davidson, Paul
Hayden, Jack

T206 Louisville Team Set

Delehanty, Frank
Puttman, Ambrose
Thielman, Jake

T206 Nashville SL Team Set

Bay, Harry
Bernhard, Bil
Ellam, Roy
Perdue, Hub

Other T206 Wants

Ames, Red (Portrait)
Beck, Fred
Bender, Chief (w/ trees)
Bender, Chief (Portrait)
Bescher, Bob (Hands Up)
Bliss, Jack
Bradley, Bill (Portrait)
Bradley, Bill (Batting)
Bridwell, Al (w/ cap)
Brown, Mordecai (Chicago on shirt)
Burchell, Fred

Other T206 Wants (cont.)

Casey, Doc
Chase, Hal (Trophy)
Cobb, Ty (green portrait)
Cobb, Ty (bat off)
Crandall, Doc (no cap)
Devore, Josh
Dougherty, Patsy (Portrait)
Doyle, Larry (portrait)
Dunn, Jack
Durham, Bull
Egan, Dick
Evers, Johnny (Chicago on shirt)
Foster, Ed (SL)
Ganley, Bob
Gasper, Harry
Guiheen, Tom (SL)
Hoblitzell, Dick
Hoffman, Izzy (portrait)
Huggins, Miller (hands at mouth)
Jacklitsch, Jack
Jennings, Hughie (both hands showing)
Johnson, Walter (portrait)
Joss, Addie (pitching)
Kelley, Joe
Kleinow, Red (catching) (either team)
Knabe, Otto
Konetchy, Ed (glove high)
Konetchy, Ed (glove low)
Kroh, Rube

Other T206 Wants (cont.)
Magee (portrait)
McGinley, Jim
McIntyre, Matty (portrait)

McLean, Larry
Merkle, Fred (portrait)
Merritt, George
Moran, Herbie (portrait)
Mullen, George (portrait)
Needham, Tom
Oakes, Reb
Oberlin,  Frank
Parent, Fred
Paskert, Dode
Poland, Phil
Powers, Mike
Ryan, Ray (SL)
Schulte, Wildfire (back view)
Shannon, Spike
Shaughnessy, Shag (SL)
Shaw, Hunky (portrait)
Snodgrass, Fred (catching)
Sweeney, Bill (batting)
Taylor, Dummy
Thomas, Ira
Tinker, Joe (Portrait)
Titus, John
Turner, Terry
Waddell, Rube (Portrait)
Wagner, Heinie (bat left OR bat right)
Warhop, Jack
Wright, Lucky
Young, Cy (glove shows)


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